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Short-Term Housing is Best for an Extended Stay Business Trip
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According to travel and hospitality experts, business travel is on the upswing—a sure sign that the economy may be recovering. Yet, companies are still holding tightly to their purse strings when it comes to corporate travel.

Companies are encouraging their travelers to stay in less expensive hotels, and instead of taking the direct route on a flight, they’re encouraging their employees to take flights where there are some layovers. Indeed, corporations want their employees to accomplish a lot of business in the least amount of time to save money.

What does that mean for the business traveler? Your role in this upswing is to consider staying in short-term housing rather than in traditional settings, such as a hotel. And by staying in short-term housing in the Harrisburg region, you can visit restaurants, entertainment, and other venues that are offered in Central Pennsylvania.

An Economial Solution for Business Professionals
 How does short-term housing benefit you and your employer?  Here are six pros to consider when it comes to temporary housing while you’re out on the road:

  1. Short-term housing saves companies money because they provide a lot of amenities for one price rather than having them tacked onto a hotel bill at the end of a stay
  2. Short-term housing encourages healthy and more budget-friendly meals since corporate travelers will have groceries and appliances provided for them in their temporary homes
  3. Business travelers save time on laundry and other tasks since everything is provided under one roof instead of having to outsource these tasks
  4. Short-term housing, like many hotels, are located near airports and major highways, but they offer the hominess that allows you to relax in the evenings
  5. Short-term housing in Harrisburg provides you with more security by its location in the suburbs.

Contemporary Short Term Housing in the Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Hershey, York, Lancaster, Williamsport, and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area provides all of the benefits of home while traveling on business. Companies happily reserve CSTH for its reasonable costs, it locations to major transportation and highways, as well as for its coziness.
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